PCR Tires

The word “PCR” stands for passenger car radial. In the United States, “passenger car” means every motor vehicle except motorcycles and motor-driven cycles, designed for carrying ten passengers or less and used for the transportation of persons. Accordingly, PCR tires are primarily designed for individuals’ daily transportation purposes. The category of PCR tires normally supports two types of consumers: 1) corporations; and 2) individual persons.

As a key type of product, Washington Tire Corporation (“WTC”) PCR tire manufacturing will include all sizes of PCR tires developed and built on the basis of the newest TRA and US DOT standards, and extensively used in Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

To serve customers better and be backed with the best warranty and product liability insurance from the United States, WTC commits to provide global users options competitive with other tire companies while effectively lowering their tire cost and making their operations safer.

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